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atWar: игри на война за стратегия, играе повече от Риск онлайн (ако променя от администратор, моля не се върнете към "правилния превод")

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Due to the recent elo farming and the elo point system becoming devalued, it has been decided by the moderators to ban duels created with alternative secondary accounts, due to the disparity between skill and rank level being played, holding an unfair advantage over equal rank players who do not posses as much experience. Duels will start to be deleted over the coming weeks where there is proof of alt accounts being used. Where a low rank player is demonstrating op skill and using a vpn or claims to be using a shared user IP address, action will be decided on a case by case basis.
Going forward, punishments may be awarded to players who continue to break the new rules, updates to the rules will follow.

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04.02 - Moderator Suggestions
02.02 - Strategy/Unit Tweaks
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