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Earn SP by Promoting AtWar

For each post in:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit (r/paradoxplaza recommended)
  • Youtube
  • Others (Describe below)

1000 SP each post! You may get even more depending on the outreach. Specify your reward in the message (SP or Protocoins)

Your ad/post must include:
  • A small description of atWar
  • A screenshot of it's gameplay
  • Why people should play it

SP for youtube comments:
Each comment encouraging creators to promote atWar posted on strategy game review channels such as (but not limited to) Drew Durnil, Alex the Rambler, Feedbackgaming, Dustinl, Isorrowproductions, will also get you 100 SP. Though you can only post 1 comment per creator a day to reduce spam. (max creator limit: 10 per day)

You can message me directly with a screenshot of your post, or reply below to redeem your reward.

The top 3 players with the most posts will get this trophy:

Total Awarded: 8000 SP

**Top Winners announced on Dec 31 2021

21.07 - ♥ Ask Me Anything ♥
02.07 - Results of the Official Supporter Recruitment - Please Welcome our new supporters!
30.06 - It's time for a sale!!
29.06 - PSA: Getting disconnected for inactivity? Here's how to fix it.
25.06 - All Random Mid Rank Tourney - Finals
22.06 - Official Supporter Recruitment
21.06 - Please welcome PleaseMe as our new leader of the Game Meta Team!
16.06 - Content Update #7 - New Strategy and Balance Changes
02.06 - Congratulations Spring 2021 CW Season Participants

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